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Building Engagement in Local Communities

At the heart of our success as a company is the recognition that we are inextricably tied to the success and well-being of our communities and our broader society. With that in mind, we engage with diverse stakeholders and invest in critical efforts to support and enhance our business, our communities and our employees.


Paper Excellence mills across Canada are crucial to the economic well-being of our local communities. Some of our contributions include:

  • 6 locations across Canada 
  • Over 2,100 full-time jobs 
  • 6,200 indirect jobs 
  • Over $4.3 billion in economic contribution much of which is spent within 500 km of each facility 
  • $1.3 million in local property taxes (tax revenues) 

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Building effective dialogue is a cornerstone of good relationships. Our mill leadership speaks regularly with local community leaders and elected officials. At some mills, Community Advisory Forums are held quarterly to update the public and provide a platform for input.

We also engage with local stakeholders and environmental non-government organizations (ENGOs) on issues of pertinence in the community. Examples include stewardship of rivers, environmental monitoring, and ecological improvements.


Paper Excellence proudly partners with our community neighbours to enhance the well-being of the communities that we operate in. We do this, in part, through donations to organizations and programs nationally, provincially and in the regions where we operate.

  • 2022 Total Donations 650,000 thousand
  • A variety of local charities were supported in 2022 including food banks, sports teams, and community health foundations
  • More than 50 different community programs and initiatives supported in 2022

Applications should be submitted only once. You can expect a response within four weeks.


Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Inc. donated $12,000 to the NorthWest Community Lodge Association Inc. to fully furnishing a suite in Meadow Lake’s new continuing care home.


Paper Excellence values education. In recognition of this, we offer scholarships and bursaries to students in the communities where we operate.


In addition to these scholarships, students can also apply for the Catalyst Paper Corporation Scholarship at UBC.



Part of our environmental program includes monitoring all impacts on the local receiving environment. From an air emissions perspective, most of our facilities operate ambient air monitoring systems to track air quality for the benefit of the community. This data is shared directly with government and available online. From a waste water perspective, all facilities with waste water discharges participate in the federal Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) program to assess impacts on the local aquatic receiving environment. Again, the results of these studies are shared with the public.

Sustainable Forestry Initiatives

Our Environmental Policy

We are committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the environment, conserves resources, reduces its environmental footprint and ensure sustainable development.

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