2nd Floor,
3600 Lysander Lane,
Richmond, BC V7B 1C3

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Paper Excellence Canadian Leadership Team

Paper Excellence Canada was founded in 2006 and is a one business unit within the Paper Excellence Group. Paper Excellence Canada is a diversified manufacturer of pulp and specialty, printing, writing, and packaging papers producing over 2.5 million tonnes annually with a
workforce of more than 2,100.


The Richmond-based management team has decades of diverse experience in the pulp and paper industry; experience that helps develop employees’ talents and skills to excel and grow the company into the future. The management team directs employees by providing clarity of goals and objectives, supporting development, and offers direction and feedback. Click on the pictures below to read each leader’s bio.

Martin Palacios - Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Martin Palacios

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Blair Dickerson

Vice President, Canadian Public Affairs

Hamish Doughty - Vice President, Supply Chain

Hamish Doughty

Vice President, Supply Chain

Andy Reyes - Vice President Operations – West

Adrian (Andy) Reyes

Vice President, Mill Optimization & Engineering

Chris Stagg

Vice President, Fibre

Carlo Dal Monte

Vice President, Energy & Business Development

Edwin Widjaja - Vice President, Pulp Sales

Edwin Widjaja

Vice President, Pulp Sales

Funadi Wongso - Vice President, Global Financial Reporting & Treasury

Funadi Wongso

Vice President, Financial Reporting and Treasury

Charles Guo - General Manager Procurement

Charles Guo

Vice President, Corporate Procurement

Davis Chiu

Director of Innovation & Acting Head of Carbon Strategy, PE Group

Lana Wilhelm

Director of Indigenous Relations