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A Global Leader in Sustainable Pulp & Paper Mills


Paper Excellence is a diversified manufacturer of pulp and paper, including printing and writing, packaging, and specialty papers. We operate 6 facilities in Canada producing over 2.5 million tonnes annually with a workforce of more than 2,100 strong.


Promoting a Strong Safety Culture

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Being a Good Corporate Citizen

Investing in Our Future

Providing Quality Products & Services

With a network of 8 facilities that includes mills from British Columbia’s Crofton and Skookumchuck to Nova Scotia’s Northern Pulp, Paper Excellence is deeply rooted in the Canadian pulp and paper mill industry.

Our Vancouver-based management team, skilled in efficient mill operations, ensures our activities provide tangible benefits to local economies. We adhere to operational practices that meet both domestic and global standards while keeping sustainability at the forefront. Paper Excellence is not just a Canadian paper company – we are a dedicated player in Canada’s industrial fabric itself.

Paper Excellence is redefining the pulp and paper industry by focusing not just on manufacturing but also on developing solutions for a sustainable future. Our use of groundbreaking technology and unmatched engineering expertise allow us to constantly improve the products while cutting down their environmental footprint. 

Our Canadian pulp and paper mills are innovation hubs, setting industry standards in operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.

We firmly believe in the power of local, ensuring that our raw materials are responsibly sourced from Canada’s abundant forests. Paper Excellence not only produces superior pulp and paper products but also fortifies communities, driving economic growth and promoting sustainable practices.

This commitment goes beyond just manufacturing. By fostering close ties with local sawmills and collaborating with regional stakeholders, we’ve created a relationship rooted in mutual growth and respect. By invigorating the local economies, offering employment opportunities, and standing as a beacon for sustainable business practices we aim to uplift and fortify the Canadian communities we proudly call home.

Your requirements in pulp and paper products are unique, and so are the solutions that Paper Excellence offers. With mills designed to produce a broad array of high-quality materials – from industrial packaging to specialty papers – we are equipped to meet the diverse needs of sectors ranging from retail and commercial printing to publishing, both domestically and internationally.

We work directly with you to understand your specific needs and adjust our production capabilities accordingly. Coupled with our responsible sourcing and adherence to global chain-of-custody standards, this makes Paper Excellence not just a supplier but a reliable partner in the pulp and paper mill industry.

Responsibility Starts Here

Paper Excellence produces responsible pulp and paper products. Our fibre is derived from well-managed, sustainable North American and European forests. We use extensive amounts of renewable, waste-based and low-carbon energy sources, in the most efficient and cleanest way. Our leading sustainability performance and disclosure means we present our products with confidence to all our customers.

100% of our forest fibre is managed under our chain custody systems
32% of our power is self-generated green electricity; some of which is sold back to the North American grid
34% of our solid waste is beneficially reused
82% of our energy comes from green, renewable sources
55% GHG reduction compared to 1990 baseline (absolute for only running mills)
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