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If you know of or suspect a violation of the Code of Conduct (“the Code”), local or international law, or any other policy of Paper Excellence and its subsidiaries (“the Company”), you are required to report it to any of the following contacts:

  • Your Supervisor or Manager
  • Your local Human Resources Manager
  • Our Compliance hotline

The Company takes all reports of possible misconduct seriously. We will investigate the matter confidentially, make a determination whether the Code or the law has been violated, and take appropriate corrective action. If you become involved in a Code investigation, cooperate fully and answer all questions completely and honestly.

Speak Up Form

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Incident Report Form:

We almost always have follow-up questions that need to be answered by you. Plus, we want to keep you updated on the progress of the investigation. Please provide your email address or create a new one just for this correspondence at: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/56256?hl=en-EN.
Include sufficient information so that a person who is COMPLETELY unfamiliar with the situation can understand the concern.
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