State of the Forestry Sector Grim without Northern Pulp obtaining a Short Extension

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The state of the province’s forestry sector is grim unless the McNeil government provides a short extension for the completion of Northern Pulp’s Wastewater Treatment Project.

“We are ready and willing to see this project through,” said Kathy Cloutier, Director of Corporate Communications for Paper Excellence Canada. “Without a short extension, thousands of jobs throughout the province are at risk.”

“We just need a little bit more time.”

The proposed plan would mean untreated wastewater will no longer leave the Northern Pulp site prior to being treated and released into the Northumberland Strait.

“With the government’s approval, we will begin construction on this project immediately,” said Cloutier. “The successful completion of the project will help keep Nova Scotian’s working, ensure the sustainability of the forestry sector, and will ensure the environment is protected.”

Jeff Bishop, the executive director of Forest Nova Scotia, said even a temporary shutdown of Northern Pulp would have serious economic consequences.

“If Northern Pulp closes down, you would likely see a number of sawmills stop working that very day,” said Bishop. “Jobs throughout rural Nova Scotia – areas of already high unemployment – are at risk if the government does not grant a short extension to Northern Pulp.”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Representatives from the province’s forestry sector will be available at the State of the Province event today, February 6.

Over 3000 Nova Scotian’s have sent letters to government in support of Northern Pulp and Nova Scotia’s forest industry.

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Media Contacts: Kathy Cloutier, Communications Director and , Jeff Bishop, Executive Director