Spark Award Winner: Appu Shrestha  

Spark Award Winner

Congratulations to Appu Shrestha, Business Analyst, for being honored with his well-deserved Spark Award.

“I’m passionate about the direct impact my work has on our business growth. Although it can be intimidating at times, I am committed to embracing these challenges that actively contribute to the company’s success,” says Appu. “With the integration with Domtar, I’ve been given the opportunity to learn a new system with paper inventory. With the integration in process, we must ensure that all the data from Paper Excellence correlates to Domtar.  Learning a new system and gaining insights into my colleague’s work encourages me to learn more about the data realm and its integration into this role.”  

Appu earned his nomination for the Spark Award through his hard work during the company’s transition to a new SAP forecasting application. During the program transition, he spent hours meticulously ensuring data accuracy. This hard work was recognized by his manager, Shannon Mercer, Director of Business Operations, who nominated him for the Spark Award.

“I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I received a Spark Award,” Appu expresses. “It’s truly uplifting to have my extra effort acknowledged rather than overlooked.”

His work includes forecasting, price analysis, generating month-end inventory reports and collaborating closely with the sales team for reports. Prior to working as a Business Analyst, Appu gained valuable experience in Customer Accounts department at Paper Excellence.

Spark Award has ended in December 2023.