Shaping the Future of Pulp and Paper: An Interview with John Sunny, EIT

At Paper Excellence, we believe in fostering the talents of the next generation to shape the future of our industry. John Sunny is one of our emerging talents as an Engineer-In-Training with Paper Excellence at Crofton Mill. John’s journey into the world of pulp and paper is a testament to the innovative and dynamic nature of our field.

John is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Alberta, specializing in the durability of fiber reinforcements used in thermoplastic composite pipes.

One of the aspects that surprised John when he entered the pulp and paper industry was the intricacy of the production process. “From the sourcing of raw materials to the chemical processes involved in breaking down wood fibers and finally the production of various paper grades, each step requires careful consideration and specialized knowledge,” said John.  “From optimizing production processes to minimizing environmental impact, there’s a continuous need for creative problem-solving. This aspect resonates with my desire to engage in dynamic and intellectually stimulating work.”

His portfolio includes assignments such as inspecting FRP pipes and tanks in the Effluent treatment system, conducting a detailed Atmospheric Tank Inspection Compliance Audit, developing a Total Mill Outage (TMO) sewer inspection plan, and creating as-built (P&IDs for the CIO2 plant. These projects showcase the diverse and challenging nature of the work undertaken by our talented engineers.

Living in Duncan has been a rewarding experience for John. Proximity to the mill allows for a convenient and efficient daily routine. “Exploring the town during my free time has been rewarding, I have also started playing soccer for a club in Victoria, which helped me develop a large network of connections that have helped me adapt to the new environment.

John’s passion for innovation and commitment to sustainable solutions align perfectly with Paper Excellence’s values. We look forward to witnessing the contributions John will make to our industry’s future and are proud to support his journey.

Stay tuned for more stories of excellence as we continue to spotlight the individuals who drive our industry forward. At Paper Excellence, we’re not just crafting paper; we’re cultivating talent and shaping a sustainable future.