Paper Excellence publishes its first ever sustainability report

For Immediate Release:

[Richmond, BC] – Today Paper Excellence has published its inaugural sustainability report. Proven Resilience: Meeting the Challenge Through Adaption, Strength and Sustainability is intended as a way of further introducing the company to neighbours, customers, regulators and stakeholders as well as to share the company’s approach to business.

In 2020, 84% of Paper Excellence’s total energy use was renewable and the company made a direct economic contribution of $1.7 billion in Canada.

“Paper Excellence’s core values embrace company citizenship, community support, and bettering of our environmental and social performance year over year. This report embodies those aspirations with an honest and balanced view of our strengths and the areas we can improve,” said Graham Kissack, Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety and Corporate Communications.

This sustainability report demonstrates Paper Excellence’s commitment to transparency. “We see the environmental and other performance results reported here as benchmarks, and we will provide annual disclosures through our sustainably reports as we work to improve them,” explains Kissack.

“As part of this report, we’ve also included 14 different “Practices and Perspectives” stories—some written, some video,” said Kissack. “These stories will give readers on-the-ground insight into our work on things like balancing water levels and users’ needs, and working with communities to manage wildfire risk in the urban/rural interface.”

The full sustainability report and the “Practices and Perspectives” stories can be found on the Paper Excellence website. The report is available as an online document and a downloadable PDF: Sustainability Report – Paper Excellence.


Paper Excellence, headquartered in British Columbia, is a diversified manufacturer of pulp and specialty, printing, writing, and packaging papers. The company operates seven mills and a large-scale cargo distribution centre in Canada producing and shipping over 2.8 million tonnes annually with a workforce of more than 2,800. Paper Excellence is poised to continue to grow with its strategy of operational excellence and high-quality, cost-effective products.

Media Contact: Graham Kissack, VP, EHS and Corporate Communications | | Mobile: (250) 732-7991