Paper Excellence launches fourth year of Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Program

Excerpt from the article:

Paper Excellence has announced the launch of the fourth year of its Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Program. The company shares in a press statement that it is proud of its commitment to nurturing new talent in the pulp and paper industry.

Over the past three years, Paper Excellence has welcomed 20 young EITs into its operations, with 15 choosing to remain and thrive within the organization.

Recruitment begins by partnering with post-secondary schools such as, British Columbia Institute of Technology, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Toronto, University of Saskatchewan to attract the best new graduates. Those selected will begin an 18-month journey, rotating through different operations to gain experience by working with various teams at different mills and living in different communities. During this process, mentors will provide invaluable coaching, training, and support to ensure mentees receive ongoing feedback and guidance.

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