Our Volunteer Coach for the Bears’ Lair Entrepreneur Youth Dream Camp

Bears' Lair Dream Camp coaching

Lana Wilhelm, our Director of Indigenous Relations, volunteered as a coach for Bears’ Lair Indigenous Youth Camp empowering youth and nurturing future entrepreneurs. She is absolutely thrilled for this immersive three-day camp where coaches provide Indigenous youths with valuable insights on businesses practices.

“It is going to be a special place to be and a great group. I know I will learn as much if not more, as I will teach the youths,” said Lana, emphasizing the reciprocal nature of learning from both mentees and mentors. In her role, she values the importance of participating in a collaborative platform that supports budding Indigenous entrepreneurs.

It will be a dynamic environment where youths will be guided by seasoned coaches armed with practical tools and real-world examples, fostering a spirit of innovation and empowerment. Lana plans to coach by providing guidance and mentorship to these youths by leveraging past experiences from her own professional journey. “It will be an experience of mentoring within mentors.”

The path leading to this event began two years ago and was built upon collaboration and dedication, with Skookumchuck mill staff laying the groundwork for success. Due to unforeseen challenges, the event transitioned to the Crofton team. “It was a collective effort during a long journey, and we are delighted that the Bears’ Lair Entrepreneur youth camp is happening now in the Cowichan Valley,” said Lana.

This support for Indigenous youth empowerment and ensuring opportunities to nurture future entrepreneurs aligns with Paper Excellence’s community investment goals.