2nd Floor,
3600 Lysander Lane,
Richmond, BC V7B 1C3

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Overview of Project

We are transforming the mill (paragraph)

2020 – 2021 Consultation

What got us here? Include ELC report (paragraph)

Mill Transformation:

Build Community Trust

  • Data transparency
  • 3rd party testing
  • Permanent ELC
  • Pictou preference in procurement
  • PLFN partnership

Improve Air Quality

  • No odour in normal operations
  • Lower emission levels

Treat Water Well

  • Use less water
  • Use less chemicals
  • NEW best in class ETF (primary and secondary onsite systems)
  • Addition of tertiary treatment system (first in Canada)
  • Release similar water back to its source and close to mill in estuary
  • No pipeline necessary

Modernize Mill Site

  • Remove excess tanks
  • Remove un-needed stacks
  • Reclad entire building
  • Replace site fencing and undertake new landscaping plan

Align Forestry Practices with Lahey

  • Categorize the NP-owned lands for each of the Lahey triad designations
  • Encourage woodlot owners to apply Lahey principles to their lands
  • Continue to provide public access to NP lands
  • Work with Community Groups to designate important NP-owned lands for parks, reserves or ecologically-important uses

Regulatory Process

what we are applying for, new and different from last two version (paragraph)
Project Description Document

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