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If you are a contractor coming onsite to work, you must complete an online safety training course before you arrive.

To take the Safety Training course online: 

  • Click on this link to open the online safety training course:
    Safety Orientation Video
  • If you have difficulty opening the course, please contact us at
  • Click on this link to take the quiz after you have completed the above safety training: Safety Training Quiz
  • You will be asked to provide information after completing the quiz
  • When you arrive on site, please pick up your orientation wallet card from Reception


  • Site safety training for Contractors course is approximately
    30 minutes long
  • The course has a short quiz after you are finished the video
  • There are volume and size controls to use when taking the safety training course and short quiz
  • You can take the course over if you do not achieve the required score
  • Your site safety endorsement is valid for two years after successfully passing the quiz