Hudson Printing

Demand commonly ran ahead of supply in North American paper markets in 2022, and strains on transportation and logistics networks further complicated the picture. This created often extreme challenges for printers and other paper buyers, and for the Paper Excellence customer service teams dedicated to getting product to them.

Feedback from multiple customers indicates, however, that Paper Excellence struck the right combination of loyalty and ingenuity to meet customer needs at a time when others in the market were often falling short.

“The paper market over the last couple of years has been extraordinarily difficult,” says Paul Hudson, CEO of Hudson Printing in Salt Lake City. “We couldn’t have got through it without the loyalty and incredible partnership we have with Paper Excellence. They honoured the things we needed done and the paper we needed made in order to continue to service our customers.”

Hudson was even able to onboard a new customer in 2022 – a considerable feat under tight market conditions – after working closely with Paper Excellence to identify and secure supplies of a new grade that met the customer’s needs. In this and other instances, he says: “We didn’t just get a ‘no’, and in almost all cases we were able to find a solution”.