HSPP bolsters workforce with annual shutdown

Howe Sound Pulp Mill

Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corporation (HSPP) is set to begin its annual maintenance shutdown on September 10. The purpose of such a shutdown is to carry out preventative maintenance on non- operating equipment. The shutdown, an event most industrial facilities undertake, will see the mill’s workforce bolstered with an additional 650 contractors. As well, HSPP has hired approximately 25 local residents in addition to our regular compliment of people to support work during the shutdown.

The $12 million shutdown extends over a 10 day period. “The annual maintenance shutdown is key to ensuring a safe and reliable operation in the year to come. Not many companies have the opportunity to spend millions over a brief time period such as this,” states General Manager Alan Scalet. “This is on top of our annual operating costs.”

HSPP’s maintenance shutdown brings an economic boost to the local economy with an anticipated half a million to be spent in the community at local restaurants and hotels. “It is a busy spot around HSPP and throughout the entire community as once again local hoteliers, retailers and restaurateurs welcome hundreds of tradespeople during their time here,” says Scalet. “I’m not sure which will be more challenging — finding a parking space at our site or a hotel room.”

Key areas focused on during this year’s shutdown include maintenance on the blue scrubber and Turbo- Tak systems which will improve gas emissions out of the bleach plant. Tradesmen will also undertake inspecting the bleach mix effluent tank structure as well as inspecting and conducting any necessary repairs to the tank’s vent stack shower nozzles. This investigative work will help HSPP develop a plan to further improve emissions from the tank. Water work carried out will include performing a full mill water and steam outage in order to address equipment that typically sees 24/7 operation. During the mill water outage HSPP will upgrade critical piping to the mill water pump house that will ensure delivery of water to HSPP. This work is part of a multi stage project around HSPP’s water system.


About Paper Excellence, owner of Howe Sound Pulp & Paper: Paper Excellence manufactures NBSK Pulp for the paper industry and BCTMP for printing, board and packaging. Over 90% of PEC’s products are exported to Asia. Widely recognized for superior quality, PEC’s products are environmentally friendly and accredited with PEFC and/or FSC sustainability certifications. Paper Excellence has evolved from a new entrant (in 2010) as an exporter within the value-added natural resources (pulp) industry to Canada’s largest pulp producer.

Media Contact: Kathy Cloutier, Director of Corporate Communications