Hearing the Voice of our Employees


One of our early priorities, following the acquisition of Catalyst Paper, was to learn more about the perceptions, aspirations and concerns of our employees across the country. Here’s some of what we heard from the more than 1,000 of them who responded to a confidential survey in the summer 2019:

  • Nearly three-quarters agreed that our company focuses on producing high-quality products in a cost-effective way.
  • Reasonably strong proportions agreed that our mills focus on reducing their environmental impact, and expressed general pride in working for Paper Excellence. But at 59 and 60 per cent respectively, there is considerable room for improvement.
  • There were lower levels of agreement regarding our company’s promotion of a strong safety culture (55%), and regarding its good corporate citizenship and commitment to long-term investment in mills (each at 43%).

Encouragingly, many employees expressed a “wait and see” attitude at this early stage in the integration process. Management has since taken a variety of steps with respect to our safety culture and performance (see immediately below), as well as instituting more effective and frequent communication within the company. We look forward to gauging progress in a follow-up survey later in 2021.

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