Government decision threatens forestry sector

Paper Excellence News

RICHMOND, BC – Northern Pulp says it will collect the data that government is requesting, but that it clearly means more time is required beyond the current legislated deadline to complete construction of a new waste management facility.

“We are confident in our plan and we will provide more information as per the government’s request, however as we’ve seen throughout this project – these requests take time,” states Brian Baarda, Paper Excellence Canada CEO. “We require an extension to the legislated deadline, so we have enough time to collect the information and to finish our new wastewater treatment facility.”

Northern Pulp says it has already completed 28 studies which formed the environmental assessment registration document at the request of the provincial and federal governments.

Baarda said “a temporary closure is not realistic and would still require use of the Boat Harbour treatment facility,” explains Baarda. “If the government does not give us enough time to complete the new facility, we will have no choice but to permanently cease operations in Nova Scotia.”

“If we do not get an extension from the government, that will mean we shut down operations in Nova Scotia,” said Baarda. “That will put the livelihood of thousands of Nova Scotians at risk.” Baarda added that “We hope that the government recognises the importance of balancing both rural prosperity and protection of our environment.”