Exploring the World of Pulp and Paper: An Interview with Attila Szanto, EIT

Paper Excellence's EIT Attila Szanto

At Paper Excellence, we believe in fostering the talents of the next generation to shape the future of our industry. As an Engineer-In-Training at Meadow Lake Mill, Attila Szanto, a chemical engineering graduate from the University of Saskatchewan, is bringing his passion for problem-solving to our industry. 

Attila’s teachings and takeaways from the chemical engineering program at the University of Saskatchewan are reflected in the pulp and paper industry. He explains, “It is one of the fields that is most reflective of the chemical engineering degree; it gives you experience in a lot of chemical engineering topics.”

Exemplifying his dedication to innovation and improving operational efficiency, Attila is currently working on an anti-scalant trial for the evaporators at Meadow Lake. Projects like these show how young talents like Attila are driving positive change in the industry, aligning with Paper Excellence’s commitment to sustainability and excellence.

Attila is living in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, while working at the mill and is enjoying the experience. The positive outlook on his surroundings reflects the welcoming and supportive community that often characterizes the towns where our mills are located. 

Attila has been pleased with the ease of transition from the classroom to the industry. “It is very similar to the things we learn in school, I find myself applying the things I learned in school very often already,” said Attila. We look forward to witnessing the impacts he will make as he continues to apply his chemical engineering expertise to create a sustainable and prosperous future for our industry.

Stay tuned for more stories of excellence as we spotlight the remarkable individuals who are driving our industry forward. At Paper Excellence, we are not just crafting paper, we are cultivating talent and shaping a sustainable future.