Exploring the World of Pulp and Paper: An Interview with Asad Hayat, EIT

At Paper Excellence, we believe in fostering the talents of the next generation to shape the future of our industry. Asad Hayat is a recent graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and is currently an Engineer-In-Training at the Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Mill.

Asad found himself drawn to the pulp and paper industry through an immersive co-op work term at a Linerboard facility. The intricacies of converting raw materials into packaging and printing materials ignited a curiosity that would soon turn into a career path. What captivated Asad even more was the collaborative nature of the industry, where experts from diverse fields join forces to solve intricate challenges, creating an environment that thrives on dynamic problem-solving. 

Stepping into the world of pulp and paper, Asad encountered surprising dynamics that shape this industry. “One aspect that has stood out is the intricate interplay between process efficiency and environmental sustainability. I’ve been amazed by the complex balance that needs to be maintained to ensure optimal production while minimizing the industry’s ecological footprint,” said Asad.

Currently, Asad is immersed in a project centred around optimizing wood utilization. The project involves creating comprehensive wood chip mass balances for each operational unit in the mill. “This approach allows me to gain deeper insights into the precise allocation of wood chips – identifying areas of efficient utilization as well as areas where wastage occurs,” said Asad.

Gibsons, BC is a vibrant community that Asad now calls home. The town’s stunning natural beauty, coupled with the warm community and diverse restaurants, paints an idyllic backdrop for Asad’s new journey. The ease of access, with a mere 40-minute ferry ride to Vancouver, adds an element of convenience to Asad’s experience. 

Moving from the bustling streets of Toronto to the tranquil landscapes of Gibsons was a significant change for Asad. However, the transition was made even more enriching by the presence of Asad’s wife and his 6-month-old child. This new chapter has brought a sense of home to Gibsons, making it a place of new beginnings and opportunities waiting to be seized. 

Stay tuned for more stories of excellence as we continue to spotlight the individuals who drive our industry forward. At Paper Excellence, we’re not just crafting paper; we’re cultivating talent and shaping a sustainable future.