Exploring the World of Pulp and Paper: An Interview with Matthew Scott, EIT 

At Paper Excellence, we take pride in nurturing the next generation of industry leaders who bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our operations. This year, the Port Alberni Mill brought Engineer-In-Training Matthew Scott onto the team, a recent graduate from the University of Calgary with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. 

Matthew’s journey into the pulp and paper industry was driven by a profound fascination with the chemical and mechanical processes that underpin the creation of paper products. The transformation of raw materials to the final paper product led him to pursue a career in an industry that marries science with innovation. “In the mill, we have a wide range of equipment that I interact with. I’m looking forward to gaining deeper knowledge on our huge variety of industrial equipment,” said Matthew.

Upon entering the industry, Matthew was pleasantly surprised by the culture of continuous innovation that drives the Port Alberni Mill. “It’s impressive that the team is always pushing the envelope to develop new products within the confines of our existing equipment & feedstocks,” said Matthew. 

This dedication to innovation aligns perfectly with Paper Excellence’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring that we deliver the best possible products to our customers. 

Matthew is currently working on a project involving the performance monitoring of our paper machine’s centrifugal cleaner system. Collaborating closely with the operations team, he aims to identify any deficiencies within the system and implement necessary adjustments to enhance the extraction of contaminants from the paper machine feedstock. This project holds the potential to not only improve the overall efficiency of our operations but also significantly reduce paper losses – a testament to our dedication to sustainability and resource optimization. 

It’s been Matthew’s lifelong dream to live on Vancouver Island, and he feels lucky to reside in Port Alberni. Port Alberni’s proximity to the ocean and mountains enables him to pursue passions such as hiking, swimming, fishing, and even surfing. 

Matthew’s journey into the pulp and paper industry showcases the excitement and innovation that drives our operations at Paper Excellence. Matthew’s enthusiasm for processes and commitment to efficiency align seamlessly with our values. His impactful projects and dedication to both his work and his chosen home on Vancouver Island make him a remarkable addition to the Paper Excellence family. 

Stay tuned for more stories of excellence as we continue to spotlight the individuals who drive our industry forward. At Paper Excellence, we’re not just crafting paper; we’re cultivating talent and shaping a sustainable future.