Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Program 2024

Launching the fourth year of our Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Program, we are proud of our commitment to nurturing new talent in the pulp and paper industry. Over the past three years, PE has welcomed 20 young EITs into its operations, with an impressive 15 choosing to remain and thrive within our organization.

Recruitment begins by partnering with post-secondary schools such as, British Columbia Institute of Technology, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Toronto, University of Saskatchewan attract the best new graduates. Those selected will begin an 18-month journey, rotating through different operations to gain experience by working with various teams at different mills and living in different communities. During this process, mentors will provide invaluable coaching, training, and support to ensure mentees receive ongoing feedback and guidance.  

At the end of 18 months, given the EIT had a successful 18 month term, the EIT and mill operations teams have the opportunity to select a mutual match for a full-time permanent engineering position within PE. A new employment relationship will begin immediately upon matching.

Our EIT program serves to build our internal junior-level strength and facilitates technology and business knowledge transfer across generations of engineers. By fostering professional and personal development, we bridge the gap between theory and practice for our mentees. Fresh graduates bring fresh ideas and energetic dynamics to our operations, creating a mutually beneficial environment.

The 2024 EIT program is set to begin in July, and we are now accepting applications. Join us at Paper Excellence and apply today.