Congratulations to Nathalie Pellizzari for winning a Spark Award

Spark Award Winner: Nathalie Pellizzari

Congratulations to Nathalie Pellizzari, Inside Sales Account Manager, on receiving her well-deserved Spark Award.

“The Spark Award program allows colleagues from other teams, those who you see on a day-to-day basis but don’t work with, to acknowledge the effort you put into your work,” says Nathalie.

“I nominated Nathalie for being a proactive team member who is dedicated to maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction,” explains Barbara Ramirez, Nathalie’s supervisor at the time.

Nathalie prioritized the customer’s satisfaction and actively followed up to ensure that their claim was addressed to their satisfaction when there were faults with the product. She identified gaps in another customer’s stock levels and took action to rectify this to ensure the right inventory levels were maintained. Finally, her collaboration with the sales team to repurpose rejected stock for another customer also showcased her ability to work across different teams to find solutions.

Overall, Nathalie not only focuses on the needs of the customer but also considers what is best for Paper Excellence. Thank you, Nathalie, for your proactive attitude and commitment to quality.