Congratulations to Kim Grant for winning a Spark Award

Spark Award Winner Kim Grant from Paper Excellence

Congratulations to Kim Grant, Lube Mechanic/ 80-Ton Crane Operater on winning a Spark Award.

Kim began her journey at Skookumchuck Pulp 32 years ago. The first 26 years she was in the Safety department, she moved to the Reliability team within the Maintenance department in 2018. After settling into her new role, her main focus was to elevate the safety culture within the Maintenance department. She developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the tasks required in her position, and training paths to assist new employees. Overall, Kim has exceeded expectations and made positive changes in her department. Most recently Kim was asked occasionally to spend 10% of her time supervising and this has provided added opportunities to raise awareness and continue to elevate the safety culture as a supervisor caring for workers.

Kim believes that the Spark Award program is a great way to regularly recognize employees. According to her, recognition is a way of expressing gratitude and creating a positive focus on what is working effectively. “Motivation, engagement and productivity is the result of feeling valued and appreciated,” says Kim.