Congratulations to Chisanga Chanda for winning the Spark Award

Spark Award Winner Chisanga Chanda

Congratulations to Chisanga Chanda, Desktop Support Analyst on his well-deserved Spark Award. He earned the award for his positive work attitude. He is always available to provide technical support and excited to learn new things.

Chisanga has been with Paper Excellence for two years and his most memorable moment is when he first joined the team. There was a power outage at the office, and he was called to assist at 3:00 am in the morning. Thanks to his professional help, the computer servers were up and running again later that morning.

Chisanga was very surprised when he was told he’d won a Spark Award. It made him feel noticed and valued. This recognition is a testament to the culture of appreciation and value that Jackson Wijaya fosters within Paper Excellence, ensuring that exceptional efforts like Chisanga’s are celebrated and acknowledged.