Congratulations to Barbara Ramirez for winning the Spark Award

Spark Award Winner from Paper Excellence Barbara Ramirez

Congratulations to Barbara Ramirez, Supervisor, Customer Account Representatives on her well-deserved Spark Award.

Barbara earned her nomination through her outstanding work ethic. This award not only reflects her commendable work habits, but also her reputation as a dependable and supportive team player.

Upon receiving the award, Barbara was both surprised and thrilled as she had not anticipated this recognition. “Receiving this award lets me know that my efforts are noticed and valued,” said Barbara.  

Her manager, Alex Keegan, explains more: “Barbara is a pleasure to work with. She consistently maintains a positive attitude, embraces challenges, and demonstrates respect and support for her team members.”

Barbara finds fulfillment in her daily work because she’s helping people. “It’s about more than servicing our customers, it is about being ahead of their needs and working together through every challenge.” She’s committed to Paper Excellence because she values the company’s diversity and appreciates her colleagues willingness to share their knowledge.

One special recollection she has with the company is Customer Service Appreciation week. This event included a series of activities, gifts exchanges, and lunches over four days during in early October. It provided the opportunity for everyone to deepen their connections with colleagues.