Building Bridges with Potential Future Talent

Building Bridges with Talent

Over the past three years, our recruitment team has cultivated relationships and fostered connections with potential future hires by actively participating in various job fairs, employer information activities, networking, and mentoring sessions at universities, non-profit organizations, and professional organizations across Canada. These events have provided opportunities to showcase Paper Excellence as a growth-oriented organization, disseminate information about our operations, and establish Paper Excellence as an employer of choice.

That talent pool the Talent Acquisition team focuses on is students with backgrounds in Engineering, Sciences, and Technologies. During these events, students are encouraged to ask questions about our organization, available job opportunities, the qualifications we seek, and our recruitment and hiring processes for Engineer-in-Training (EIT) roles, temporary positions, and full-time jobs.

Our Engineer-in-Training program is a popular program that we promote. The Talent Acquisition team detail what candidates can expect and how they are supported throughout the program. A highlight for EIT candidates is the mentor-mentee relationship. Our dedicated mentors are committed to guiding and supporting mentees throughout their professional and personal development goals within a business context. We believe in investing in the next generation of industry leaders and providing them with the tools to opportunities they need to succeed. Our Talent Acquisition team are proud to be recognized through yearly invitations from post-secondary institutions to these recruitment events. This ongoing involvement has significantly increased our visibility in the job market, expanded our professional network, and strengthened our pool of potential future hires. Paper Excellence continues to focus on building connections and nurturing talents, focusing on innovation and sustainable growth.