BC Forestry Event by Google and Mercer International

Quinton Hayward, Paper Excellence’s Chief Forester, recently participated in the BC Forestry Event jointly hosted by Google and Mercer International.

The event workshops were designed to equip forestry professionals with practical tools and strategies that they can use to enhance their operations, improve sustainability, and drive growth in the industry.

Quinton found the workshops enlightening and also had the opportunity to build new connections and delve further into the potential solutions for the forest industry. It was a good opportunity to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry professionals.

He expressed, “It is good to see how advancements in technology can be further used to benefit the forest industry and help our operations remain competitive in a global market. I would like to thank both Google and Mercer for bringing the industry together to discuss these important topics.”

Overall, the goal of the event was to unify the BC forestry leaders with an opportunity to share the knowledge, resources and expertise of Google companies and partners to address strategic issues facing in the forestry industry. Thanks for Google and Mercer for putting together such an informative event.