Awesomely Beautiful and Innovatively Co-Managed


Our Meadow Lake mill enjoys a stable supply of quality fibre, drawn from 1.9 million hectares of nearby boreal forest. It’s an awesomely beautiful and productive region, and it’s managed through a long-standing and highly successful partnership with local Indigenous nations.

Mistik Management Ltd. holds the provincial Forest Management Agreement for the area. Mistik is an equal partnership between our Meadow Lake operation and NorSask Forest Products, which in turn is owned by the Meadow Lake Tribal Council. In addition to supplying fibre to the partners’ mills, Mistik provides forest management services to L&M Wood Products, which is also Tribal Council-owned.

This arrangement – and the resulting revenue and employment and contracting opportunities – is a foundational element of the economic-development strategy of the nine First Nations that make up the Meadow Lake Tribal Council.

It is also a model of localized, inclusive and participatory forest management (certified to Forest Stewardship Council standards). A public advisory group, for example, plays a key role in developing Mistik’s 20-year Forest Management Plans, the most recent of which was approved in May 2019.

Through the advisory group and other means, trappers, livestock grazers, cabin owners, traditional resource users, elders and a wide diversity of other stakeholders all take part in an ongoing co-management process. Our mill is one among many stewards and beneficiaries of these forests, and we value the opportunity to partner with Mistik on their management.

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