Passion For Forestry Drives HR Professional

Anicka Tardiff has a real passion for forestry which led her to join Skookumchuck Pulp in the East Kootenays last year as a Human Resources Coordinator.

“I’ve always lived in communities with forestry, and I was raised in an area that understood how sustainable forestry is. In Ontario, I worked for a cut, haul, and harvest company. When I saw the Skookumchuck job, I was interested in learning about another step in the industry.”

Anicka moved to Kimberley, BC for the job. “I went snowboarding in Kimberley in 2021. I sat down on the mountain and thought, ‘This place is awesome. I’m moving here.’”

“I love small town living. I don’t shop—I wear grey t-shirts every day. I’ve been backcountry hiking the last three weekends. I just took up fly fishing and golfing – there are five courses near this mill. Kimberley’s town slogan is ‘A Good Place To Be’ and it is.”

When asked what she liked most about her job, Anicka said she liked being a part of being an industry she believes in as well as making the business run efficiently and interacting with people.

Fun Forestry Fact

Forestry is a circular economy! Pulp and paper mills are dependent on the woodchips sawmills produce when they make lumber. When a round tree is turned into rectangular boards, about half the tree ends up as bark, woodchips, and sawdust that the sawmill doesn’t want. They sell those ‘residuals’ to pulp and paper mills who use them to create power and as a core material for making pulp and paper.