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This $1,000 scholarship program is designed to provide assistance with the financial needs of Metis high school graduates entering their first year at a public university, community college or institute of technology.


The applicant must be a recognized Metis living in one of our operating communities in British Columbia or Saskatchewan who is planning to become a full-time student at a technical institute, community college or accredited public university, following high school graduation.

Deferment of one academic year is permitted where the applicant is participating in a recognized Grade 12 student exchange program.

Completed application forms and full transcript of marks from previous year of study completed, plus interim transcripts for the current year should itemized, scanned and attached to the application form. Application must be accompanied by a brief description of your reason for seeking higher education and the course of study you have chosen; your involvement in school sports, and community activities and leadership.

Applications must be submitted on or before May 30, 2021.


A committee made up of company representatives selects the successful applicant. Announcement of winners will be made by telephone to your high school counselling office.

Scholarship application

    Mailing Address

    Last education institute attended

    Date of attendance required

    Institution you will attend this fall

    All Applicants

    For students seeking to defer scholarships due to Grade 12 exchange programs, please provide documentation to substantiate this deferment: